Middle Name fields are not searchable

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Hi, I was surprised to see that when I searched for a name, it only came up with results when I typed the name from the beginning. If I wrote only them middle name it did not provide any results. Perhaps this is something that can be corrected in the near future. Thanks

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Hi @NissonF0 are you looking for your search results to auto-populate? Or are you trying to search for a contact that contains a specific detail?

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Thanks for your response

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Thanks @NissonF0. At this time, the middle name field is not searchable under the Contact view. We've opened a request with our engineers to have this field be used as a search term and will update this thread with any news.

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With our Contact Redesign, we removed the Middle Name field that was used in previous versions. There are no plans to reintroduce this field due to other priorities within the product. If we hear any updates, we will provide them in this thread.

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