More font options for inline and pop-up forms

Being able to edit the fonts for coding and integrating sign up forms into websites would be fantastic as our webpage now looks off since we cannot have our chosen brand font within the sign up sheet. Any info on how to correct this would be appreciated.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for your feedback @RobS775! I've opened your suggestion up for voting as we don't currently have a font customization option with the inline signup forms. 

The form is HUGE and I cannot manipulate the font to match my website font! I need more editing ability:)
Need to have control over fonts in order to integrate inline form with branding intact.
Hi! Love constant contact so just a small suggestion but it would be very helpful to have more customizable pop up forms (font choices and shapes of banner)! Thanks!

There needs to be a middle ground between a nearly uncustomizable form (font family, alignment, padding, etc) and designing one from the ground up using your API. Here are a few ways that I imagine it could work:

-Option to adopt overall site styling

-Guidelines for adding CSS into the Universal Code in the header; just a few examples would suffice

-Paid service for customizing the inline form's styling


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