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This is a hassle. And you cant turn it off. And your contact search function sucks and is still broken. Please fix. Thanks
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Hi @JustinA506 we're sorry to hear you feel this way! At this time the ability to turn off the multi-factor authentication in an account is not currently an available feature. We do however have a feedback thread focused on this feature request and recommend commenting on this thread directly. The more requests an idea receives, the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team As for your experience with our contact search function, what exactly is happening? What are you searching for?

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When searching through contacts you cannot search by state, city or country. It's a mess. And you cannot change info of a contact that has unsubscribed but is still on a list. It makes me crazy. 


Hi @JustinA506 what contact information are you trying to change on your unsubscribed contact? Does the current "Edit Contact" button help fit your needs? As for searching your contacts by state, city or country, does changing your search filters help?



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