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Multiple Emails for Contacts

Multiple Emails for Contacts

Many of the indivduals we are sending our email campaigns to have multiple email addresses (either a personal and work, or a work email and an assistant, sometimes multiple assistants, etc.).  Before, we were able to send the same message to up to three different email addresses under one contact, by labeling the emails as "work", "home" and "other".


Now that Constant Contact has updated and changed their contacts to only having 1 email address per contact, we are unable to properly reach our intended audience.  


This significantly reduces the functionality of Constant Contact for our business and we have already started looking at other options. 

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I also want to have this feature reinstated.  (BTW, If i'm voting for this as requested above, am I voting to reinstate the feature of the OP, or to approve the moderator's solutions/choices? Because I do not want the latter.)


Regarding more than one email address per contact, consider this: You are a customer receiving a newsletter. You are receiving it at your home and work emails by choice. CC provides the ability for the customer to update their own contact record and you have in the past had multiple emails in your record. Up until this change, you would be able to see both of your email addresses in your contact profile. Now what happens, you have to manage two profiles?  This just doesn't make sense. What if you had an old old email address you're finally getting rid of but now want to receive mail at two new addresses? Would the customer have to create a new record for the extra email address? That's a good way to piss off a customer.  Then, from our point of view, wouldn't only one record keep the engagement history and then the other new address would have to have a totally fresh/no engagement history record? That makes no sense and kinda defeats the purpose of being able to analyze data.  It also makes it more difficult for US to manage our contacts efficiently. 


If you're looking to help US better manage our customers' emails, perhaps provide a detailed import guide that includes instructions on how CC matches data so that we can help avoid accidently making duplicate records when importing.  (for example, which field is used to match records? I've heard two different answers to this: email address, and more recently first name/last name.) Or, why not work on developing a tool we can use to easily identify duplicate emails in unique contacts across a select number of lists (or all lists) which then offers options on how to reconcile/fix/ignore the issue.

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This needs to happen.  Often times we have more than one e-mail address for a single contact and should have the ability to include all addresses under one name.


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I never cared for or needed the feature, but now it's a problem with list segmenting. Any contact export still uses the email address types, in separate columns. After I segment and try to upload, it causes an error because there are multiple Email columns in the upload, but only one Email Address field available for uploading. This happens even when a single row only has one email address. 


What are you doing to remove the email address type from current contacts? 

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Oh man, this could be a problem with serious consequences.  And it already looks like one step forward, two steps back.

Usually I'd advise not tinkering with an interface or the import tools until the database has been properly redesigned.  In this particular case, I'd advise at about 120 db.

But I guess I'm a little too late with that.





I know that you are moving to a one email per contact feature and while this will be VERY helpful in reviewing reports of unopened campaigns, it takes away the opportunity for distribution to more than one email.  People use different emails for different purposes.  I wish there was a way to keep multiple emails but develop a way to know which email was used to read the campaign.  

I don't understand why you changed this function. Now my number of emails is skewed because some of them are duplicate names.
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Please bring back the option to allow multiple emails per contact.  Our list was segmented to send particular types of communications to particular types of list based on customer needs/preferences.  You have removed this ability and caused us to clutter up our database by adding multiple contacts for the same person.

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This feature has been taken away. Why?! Process: Our contacts are by residents' address (HOA). Every resident requires 2 email addresses (husband & wife). This is constantly changing with New Neighbors and with changing email addresses. Therefore, the contacts are uploaded from an excel DB dumped from Quickbooks at least once or twice a month. Problem: Eliminating a second email address for a contact has added so much more work. The excel worksheet must be edited for all 800+ contacts where there is a column for a 2nd email address. Because CC no longer reads the 2nd email address, now that column must be added as a second row for that contact in order to make them SEPERATE contacts in CC to receive announcements. QB does not populate the excel spreadsheet this way. It now must be done manually. Solution: It is my understanding from your help desk that this feature was removed to make reporting more accurate for each email address. If this field was being used by customers, why would you not CORRECT the reporting so it worked properly with this field rather than removing the field. I run two different CC accounts and will find this to be a problem with both accounts. Additionally: Last week, I also learned while creating a campaign, that the ability to write html code to a link (so a prepared email would open) was also removed. I never received notice for the removal of this feature nor the removal of the 2nd email address feature. Is there some reason I would not be notified. Both of my accounts work differently, so I'm not sure when one or the other will be upgraded and I may lose other functionality.
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Please bring back multiple emails per contact.  If somebody later decides they only want to receive email at their work address rather than their home address, they can unsubscribe from one of their addresses.  Most of my users have two email addresses -- so when you separate them, will you bill me double?  Also, when I have to add people to extra lists, now I have to do that twice - once for their home account and once for their work account.  Please Bring Back Multiple Emails!!

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I am like everyone else here and feel this needs to be changed back to the way it was.  I feel this was a complete disaster and has caused many issues.  1 - Not only will it create double the work (entering double the amount of contacts) but that also means it will add to the amount of time it takes to add them which will change my budget and payroll.  2 - My business has clients that don't always relay the information in the email to their spouse.  To create a new contact for the 2nd spouse in the same household will ruin the way I keep I track of the number of families I coorespond with (2 separate email contacts would = 2 households instead of 1).... Multiply that by the amount of times I have to add a new contact for a 2nd email and my numbers are completely off.  3 - If I go ahead and add these 2nd contacts, it will double the amount of contacts I have with you, which may cause me to go above the allowed contacts on the tier I pay for and therefore increase my payment price.  I hope you all realize these issues are all negatives toward CC and return it to the previous way!