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Multiple Emails for Contacts

Multiple Emails for Contacts

Many of the indivduals we are sending our email campaigns to have multiple email addresses (either a personal and work, or a work email and an assistant, sometimes multiple assistants, etc.).  Before, we were able to send the same message to up to three different email addresses under one contact, by labeling the emails as "work", "home" and "other".


Now that Constant Contact has updated and changed their contacts to only having 1 email address per contact, we are unable to properly reach our intended audience.  


This significantly reduces the functionality of Constant Contact for our business and we have already started looking at other options. 

Regular Visitor

PLEASE add this back. Voting was opened in 2016 and this "certifed good idea" is still not implemented. Looking into a competitor (Mail Chimp) that would double/triple charge me for multiple emails for one contact. Ridiculous

I'd like to have the capability of attaching the same email address to two different people. I have some couples who share an email address and I'm not able to put them both on my list, separately. Thanks.

I agree with the others on this feature. We're going to have to look at other platforms. We are in a university setting. A portion of my list is alumni who we want to stay in contact with. We have their professional emails for the companies they work with, but they often provide us with a personal account. We want the ability to stay in contact with our alumni base when they change jobs every few years. Creating multiple accounts doesn't make sense for us -- we need to see their complete record as one.


I agree! Please add this feature back!