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Multiple Steps to Modify Multiple Contacts

Modify/edit contacts within a list has too many steps. 1 open list 2 select contact 3 edit contact 4 save/cancel edit the contact 5 click contacts 6 reopen list 7 select next contact steps 5 and 6 should be eliminated

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Thanks for your feedback, Dave. Are you updating contacts using a file of information? If so, you could update all at once by re-importing. If not, unfortunately the steps above are the way to update. What are you thinking for how this would look without steps 5 &6? A contacts list where you click to edit and the fields appear or something else? Thanks for your help!

This usually occurs when viewing a list and spotting errors or needing to modify a contact within that list. Not being able to go back to the departure spot on the list is the time consumer. Function would look like this:  1 open list 2 scroll and select contact 3 edit contact 4 save/cancel edit the contact; then repeat 2 select next contact 3 edit contact 4 save/cancel edit the contact. With large lists, reopening the list and scrolling through pages of contacts to return to the next contact on the list is a big time waster,

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