Need a way to quarantine bounces

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Hi, I am asking for a way for us to quarantine bounces. What happens is, whenever I receive a bounced email, I do the research to determine why it is bouncing - that is I reach out to the customer via mail and wait for a response to update the email. Because there are so many bounces that I must do research on, I DELETE these bounces in the report that I have done research on so that I know which ones are the new ones that I need to do research on. If I were to keep all bounced emails in the reports it would be very difficult to remember which ones I had done research on and which ones were new. Unfortunately, if you DELETE them, then it is marked as unsubscribed and if the customer comes back with information that the email was correct and that day their computer was just down, you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get that email back on the list because it has been marked as UNSUBSCRIBED now due to being deleted. Currently there is no way to remove these bounced emails from the report other than deleting (knocking it into unsubscribe) and am hoping there can be a way to do this.

Hi ClarissaJ

Thanks for posting. To clarify, you can delete or you can unsubscribe a contact. 


Delete= Removes the contact from the account and allows you to add them back. 

Remove or Unsubscribe= Keeps the contact record in your "Unsusbcribed" list, does not allow them to be added back. 


Removing from the bounce report does unsubscibe, as does chnaging their permission status. To delete, you would need to check off the contact in the list view and use the delete button in the header. Have you considered tagging these people as you take an action with them? You could do this right from the bounce report!

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