Need different mailing lists to show for different Contacts on the Update Profile Email and Form

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I would like different contacts to get different options for which mailing lists they are added to and removed from in the Update Profile Email and Form. Constant Contact has only one Update Profile page [see note below] that all Contacts can see. Using that, I cannot vary the available lists from Contact to Contact.


If you don't get what I mean...


Say you have a Main Contact List that everyone gets added to. Then you have people who have paid to be Members or your organization. They get added to a list called Members. Those Members can also choose to be on your Weekly Coupon email list if they want.


People who are *not* paid Members should *not* be able to opt in or out of the Members mailing list when they update their profile. And they shouldn't even be able to see that the Weekly Coupon list exists!  Also, we want Members to be able to see that they are in the Members list, but not opt-out of it. And we want them to be able to opt in and out of Weekly Coupon.


This seems like a pretty normal thing to want. It surprised me that Constant Contact didn't already provide this functionality. The two reps I spoke to about it suggested I type it up here to get voted on.



[NOTE: The system does allow (using a work-around) for me to make separate forms using the Sign-Up form area. Then I get a link that is specific to that page. But that requires me to version each of my emails based on all the different forms I need. That is not only a pita, it also messes with my analytics.]

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Thanks for posting this feedback with this detail! Although I don't have an update to this idea currently your feedback will be used for future developments. Thanks again!

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