Need more details in the "Email Run History".

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I would prefer more details on the Reporting page for the "Email Run History" section. > Click on the "Campaigns" icon in the left nav column. > Click on any active campaign > Scroll down to the "Email Run History" row. Now we know that all the emails which were used for the "Original Send" are listed in the "Email Settings" row of this reporting page. So, the "Original Send" row has all the information we need. However, I am now trouble shooting several emails and re-sending the campaign, one email at a time, for people who said they did not receive the email or for people where we got a bounce back. Now that I am re-sending one email at a time to this same campaign (while troubleshooting these email addresses) I would like to see the actual email address to show in the "Email Run History" rows of information. This way I can see what I've done. (Let's say I re-sent 2 or more emails to this same email campaign, I'd like to see a link to the emails which I just resent.) I am asking for more information in each of these "Email run History" rows since it is a report section and a report is where I need detailed information to help me: 1) make decisions 2) understand what I've accomplished (for example, so I don't make a mistake and re-send it twice to the same email address) 3) and to report what I've done to my supervisor
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I see that the date picker to choose a date range for viewing past campaigns is still missing in action. This was a very useful feature I enjoyed in the past to see which email ads worked and which did not.
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