Need "Salutation" Field In Each Contact

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The subject line is pretty self-explanatory.


Many people have a formal first name and a less-formal or actual nickname they go by.  I'd like to maintain my client list with my contacts' actual names (e.g. Charles), and be able to address them by their familiar name (e.g. Chuck) in emails.  Otherwise, I sound stodgy or, worse, my emails sound canned.  I know they ARE canned - that's what this is - but I don't want them to SOUND canned.


Please add a "Salutation" field.  Thanks.

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Thank you for the feedback @AndrewT240!


In order to accomplish this, you can use our 'Custom Field' feature, which allows you to create your own field.


Then, when you create your email, you can choose to pull information to display from that custom field!


Here is the FAQ on how to set the custom field up:


I hope that's helpful!

Let us know if you have any questions.



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