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Need table in reporting back

Need table in reporting back

This graph does not tell me much. If I click on a data point, I get a rounded number like 1.41K. I need to know the details like we used to get in the table - subscribes, unsubscribes for each month, totals, cumulative totals. Is the table available somewhere on the site?

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I used to easily tell whether a contact had not opened emails for the last six months. I can no longer easily to determine this. This is just one of many problems that makes it harder for me as your customer to get data that is informative. I am now for the first time in four years looking to see what competitors of constant contact offer. Also, as a programmer by vocation this is a product that displays inappropriate or useless or redundant data. I know you won't go back to the older version which is so superior from a customer point of view. This product may be slick but it hard to find or extract pertinent information. You programming team deserves a award for a user interface that helps no one. Task that would take a minute for me to complete now take three to ten times as long. Spend more of your time to your core job like sending out all the contacts on my list including hotmail/msn/outlook.
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I like to know how many I've aded, subtracted, how many did it themselves - this new information (by "last 30 days, etc) is useless!! Please ask us if we want to update/change. I don't!!
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Hi Robert,

Currently those links are not clickable but this is great feedback for the future! Thanks for posting. 

I liked being able to see list growth by year for as long as I've used constant contact. Would love to see it by list.
I want the chart back! I don't like to have to scroll down to see if the email has been opened and how many times they opened it or forwarded to someone else. With the chart I could see with a quick glance.
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why did you remove it?
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I had the great opportunity to talk to several CC representatives about this subject.  The new contact engagement area is cumbersome, difficult to relate the emails sent with the ones opened by the contact.


The previous great system had a simple table with columns that had the name of the campaigns and then in other columns we could see the contact´s activity.  All in a concise, clean and simple view.


Now it is like a long spaghetti.


When would you give us back the good features of the previous system?




Please add a permanent "data field template" so everybody in my company will manually enter the same data for each new client. Your old system had this...but you missed it on the new rollout. This is a MUST HAVE feature !!! We DO NOT populate CC via web forms ONLY..and the majority of our data input is manual. And we DO NOT want to create a data field Excel spreadsheet (per CC suggestion) and then import it. That is too much work! Thanks!
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I need contact Reporting data broken down by each month, i.e. new subscribers, unsubscribed, etc. the new Reporting method For contacts does not give me that ability. why did you change to this reporting method?