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Need table in reporting back

Need table in reporting back

This graph does not tell me much. If I click on a data point, I get a rounded number like 1.41K. I need to know the details like we used to get in the table - subscribes, unsubscribes for each month, totals, cumulative totals. Is the table available somewhere on the site?

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Paul, thanks for the feedback regarding those contact growth reports. You are able to set different time-frames in the upper right corner of the Contacts > Reports page. You should see a pull down menu that is defaulting to "The Last 30 days" and you can select different options from there. Here is more information about this page: Track Contact List Growth


I hope this helps!

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it would be great to see email contact growth from last year not just year to date

So I used to be able to see ata glance how many people were added, unsubscribed, and other basic stuff each month in a numerical format. Now you have gone and given us these graphs. While they do look pretty the information we used to be able to see is gone.


Change is good, change for the sake of change when it affects your user base in a  negative way is not good.


The shine has worn off Constant Contact. 


Ohh..wiat I get it. I use the product less now becuase it so frustrating to use but I pay the same amount as before the changes. I see how this works now, make it crappy so your customers get frustrated with the user experience and in trun use the resources less allowing for greater profit.

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I just have to say that I miss the option of being able to tell whether a person un subscribed themselves or if it was done by the me. I try to maintain my bounces on a regular basis, and one of the options offered previously on the prior platform was the ability to be able to track who, what, why and where the bounce occurred and having a file of all unsubscribed or not active with the dates and times. With the new version if I delete a subscriber there is absolutely no way of tracking if they were EVER IN or were unsubscribed or was deleted.
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Hi Ronald,


Thank you for providing us with this great feedback. If others agree with this I would encourage you to vote for this idea.


If you have additional feedback or any questions, please feel free to reach back out to us. You can even reach us by phone at 800-240-2302.


Have a great day!

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There used to be graphs where you could see your open rate, click rate, etc... graphed out over time. What happened to that?
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