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Need table in reporting back

Need table in reporting back

This graph does not tell me much. If I click on a data point, I get a rounded number like 1.41K. I need to know the details like we used to get in the table - subscribes, unsubscribes for each month, totals, cumulative totals. Is the table available somewhere on the site?

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I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please continue to vote if you agree!
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We have been so spoiled wiith Constant Contact!  The previous Report area of the Contacts section had a very useful table that indicated the number of new contacts, the removed contacts, the "do not mail" contacts.  I can´t see this anymore.  The graph is nice, but not understandable.  For example, if I look at the yearly report and click on the dot for the month, I get , for example, 1.4 k!  Kilos, kilowatts?


I want to know how many contacts I have, how many have been removed, or unsbusbscribed, plus the balance.  The graph could be put in the back.


With so many requests, the easiest thing would be to give us back the previous system - and you will have very happy clients!








Hi Lucia,

Thanks for your feedback on this table layout. There are a couple of other places on the growth report that I think will show you the information you are looking for. First, make sure you note that you can control the amount of data showing by using the menu in the upper right of the screen. If you just wanted to look at one month, change the growth report to be 30-days instead of a year. Changing this menu changes the data shown at the top as well. In my example below, I've had one contact unsubscribe in the past 30 days and I've added 37. This screen also shows you where you are getting the most contacts from. 


growth report.jpg



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Since you changed the 'look', I would like to see the graphs put back into the reports.


Thank you for your feedback. Just to clarify, which graphs exaclty would you like to see back in the reports? You should still be able to see the graph for your overall Email Statistics when clicking on the Reports link under the Email tab. Thanks for your post!

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I liked the graph and am sorry I no longer have that view.
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Hi, Thank you for your feedback. Would you mind proving more information on what graph you are referring to? Is it the email statistics graph?
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The new report shows a graph which indicates the number of new subscribers.  But I do not understand the graph numbers like 1.66 k, 1.67 k.  Can you please explain?


The previous system was much better because it gave a table that included this important information PER MONTH:


1. The new subscribers.

2. Removed contacts.

3. ´Do not mail´ contacts.

4. Growth.

5. Balance or total contacts.


Can you please integrate this table into your new system?






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I’m trying to work out the optimum hour to send my email out and I have no graph or report that indicates the number of people that open the email at a certain hour. I appreciate that I could export the data and with a lot of work in Excel build this graph, but it seems to be a basic tool that one would need. Of course I’m new to Constant Contact so forgive me if indeed this report does exist but I can’t find it.