Need to add "and" to your Advanced Search Function

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So that we can search for people with Tag 1 or people with Tag 2 and Tag 3

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I find myself super disappointed at the limited nature of the new contact search function! I am no longer able to search for contacts in multiples states at one time and then save those contacts quickly into a list. Now, it seems like I have to do a separate search for each state and save that into the same list. This is VERY inconvenient since I will often email customers in four or five states about an event. Now, the effort to locate those customers has increased significantly. Please find back the old search function or improve the current search function so that multiple states can be searched at one time. I have used CC for many years, but this situation really has me rethinking my options.
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When I do an advanced search I get this error from the Internet Explorer Window: "Stop Running This Script? Yes or No" Pam Safety & Health Council of NC
I can finally do an advanced search using "custom field 1" and "starts with" and then put "2-" or whatever number month I am searching for at the beginning of the birthdate we put in as 2-14 (for february 14). But, when i try to do the search for 'custom field 1' and then add on 'custom field 2' to get all the contacts with birthdates in february (some people put in two dates for each person in the household), i end up with zero contacts. I have to search them one field at a time and add them to the elist, then do the next search and add to the same elist. FYI, you guys need to fix this.
I am moving my business to IContact. I have ben on the phone with customer service all day. Still no fix??????????????? How do you keep customers?????????????????
It would be very valuable to have some improvements to this function. The most important for me would be able to use boolean operators between each search parameters. For example: List is _List X___ AND List is not __ List Y___ As it is, I have to export contact, do analysis in excel, then re-import. Very inefficient. Thanks!
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