Need to see just the contacts that are NOT on a list

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Ok, now I have 2 complaints! I just typed a novel, only to have it erased when I noticed the "select a category" box. NOT helpful. My issue: I misunderstood/did something dumb & deleted a contact list but not the contacts themselves. OOPS/ARGH - this increased my price range unnecessarily. The suggestion is to create a way to view ONLY those contacts that are NOT on any lists. Your customer service chat person was kind enough to do this for me today: "Kristofer S: Oh okay. What we will need to do then is export all active contact and sort them to see if they do not belong to any list. Then we can reimport those contacts into a list and delete them properly so they are no longer active." Also maybe you could add a more detailed explanation of the delete options for idiots like me? :smileyface: Thank you for the good customer service, but it doesn't need to be so complicated. Thank you.
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Hi Amy,

Thanks for your feedback about this process. I am gald support was able to point you in the right direction.

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