Need way to delete old email addresses for multiple address per contact name.

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Need way to delete old email addresses without deleting the whole contact! It like that I can add additional email addresses to a single name, but if I find that one address is defunct, I can't delete it. I certainly can take the old address of various lists, but I would like the ability to delete the address. Right now, I have to completely delete the whole name and add a new contact with the name and address I want. Thank you!
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Thank you for your feedback. You should be able to delete a single email address from a contact without deleting the entire contact. To do this, find your contact you want to edit, and click on their name, this will take you into that contact's record. In the screenshot below you will see there are 2 email addresses for this contact...


Remove Emails.png

If you click on the email address you want to remove you will then be given an option to delete the email address:

Delete this email.png

Once you click on that link, the email address will be deleted and the contact still in the account with the left over email address(s).




This does not work.  I keep clicking on the email address I want to remove, but I never see a Delete This Email option.

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