Need way to find contacts on Temporary hold

Either allow us to view contacts that have been placed on temporary hold, or include instructions that before placing a contact on hold they must be tagged in a manner that allows you to find them. The temp hold functions in the same way as contact who has issued a spam report. You have no way of knowing who is on temp hold.
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Thanks, Dave! This is a great idea and you brought up a good suggestion too. Adding a tag to a contact as you put them on hold would be a great trick for finding and tracking them easily!
Wish there was a way to look at my temporary holds, otherwise love it!
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I am no longer able to unable to do a search looking only at 'Unsubscribed'; Once (4) characters have entered in search, it changes to searching ALL contacts; also, how do I find customers who are on 'Temporary Hold' ???
You MUST be able to get a list of these. To require a tag is not helpful. It must be a field to sort on.
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Thanks for the feedback! We want to give you all the tools you need to be successful, and I can certainly see how being able to find all the contacts under "temporary hold" would be useful. Please let us know if there are other things you would like to see!
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When I raised this question in a chat session just now, I was told to export all records including permission status and then inspect the data to find temporary hold people.  But if you do this, makes sure the "all contacts" in the left column is selected or you may only get the "active" ones (which will not include any temporary hold people). I suggest it would be better to add a new category to the left column where we can quickly search for active, unsubscribed, no permissions set, and all contacts. If might also be an option to have "permission status" be an option in "advanced search".

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