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Needs to Add Operational Email Functionality - All Your Major Competitors Have it and it's Useful!

My last provider had the option to send operational emails, which was a HUGE bonus. These are non-marketing emails consisting of Internal company emails, Critical system changes that require users to do something (think critical product recalls), Legally required notifications, Shipping information and invoices, Terms of service changes, Order confirmations, System status notices. They do not affect CAN-SPAM if used properly. I find it EXTREMELY difficult to communicate with my employees utilizing Constant Contact because they can opt-out of company emails sent to their company email address and your answer is to educate and opt them back in. With 1600 employees spread out across the US this is not an option and a HUGE issue. Forwarding the stylized emails to our bulk email address from Outlook is disastrous and looks terrible so this is also not an option. This is a great feature for those who use your service for internal communications with large amounts of staff. It saves a lot of headache! Like the one I have right now.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @VivianM633,


Thank you for providing this feedback. I agree this would be beneficial and have opened this post for voting!


Is there any update on this? This is the kind of functionality I'm looking for in a platform like this.

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