New Contact list impossible to work with

I am working with my list and it is literally taking me 4 - 5 times longer than it should...or more. I am going down the list to delete those who never open and as far as I can see, the only option is to click on the name. That's fine, but then it takes me backe to the first page and I have to go through each succeeding page to return where I left off. 1- why is so much space needed per name - I would love to have the old option of more names per page 2- Have page numbers to return to as an option at the bottom vs. the current backwards, forwards, to beginning or to end. That doesn't help at all if you are in the middle and want to return quickly to the middle because we are automatically taken back to page one after clicking on a name. 3 - return to page working on after clicking on a name. Thanks.
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Thanks for your feedback. You can check off as many contacts in a list as you would like before using the "delete" option. Thank you for your feedback about the pages and the view!
I'm reviewing my "no permission" list but cannot move to the next record once I save a change. I'm forced to go to the contact tab and ask again for the list. Bascially, start over for each person. It's such a waste of time.

Thanks for this feedback!


Totally agree with first comment in this thread.


Returning to the beginning of the list every time?! My list is over 4000. Page numbers would be SO useful. Why doesn't the back button take me to the page I was on instead of the beginning of the list?


Also, would be so nice to be able to add columns to the contact list view - like List(s) and Open Rate.


Finally, everything in CC is soooo slow to load. Cleaning up contacts is a nightmare :frown:


It's a bummer my client pays as much as she does for such a slow service - it's tough I know being a cloud service; the bar is set higher and higher these days for performance and speed, but I can't change my expectations. Ugh. Very grateful for your customer service, all that said.

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