New systems as of Sep 16 totally makes it difficult to manage my "un-subscribe" list.

Prior to Sep 16 I exported all unsubscribes to develop a list of unsubscribes so we could contact to verify their wishes which includes keeping them on our postal mailing list or in many cases re-subscribing them. Since 2008 we have found many unsubscribe in error. This process requires the "Do Not Mail List Date" and "Opt-Out Reason." Some reasons drive us to call the individual. Please restore this information for my "batch" process under contact management. You are forcing me to look at each email individually and use the unsubscribe email that you send - a very cumbersome process. Thanks for any help, Don Brown, IWMF Trustee
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I've about given up trying to manage my email lists! Cannot print unsubscribes, for instance. Used to be WAY better before y'all "improved" it....

Hi fischer , 

I am sorry to hear your frustrations. You will have to export your Unsubscribes before you are able to print them. Have you tested this out?

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