New way is awful

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New way is awful

I want the old way of pasting as many contacts at a time as I want without having to do each one separately. I have never liked the way you changed this area, way to much work.
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@BillO62 ,

We do apologize that you are frustrated with the current importing process. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, please take a look at our Feedback Forum where you can get your feelings in front of those who make the changes to the product, as well as see how others are feeling as well! 


Hope you find this helpful!,

Ian W

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I am trying to undeerstand why you went from a simple straight forward method of entering contacts to one that is more labor intensive and less intuitive. Why "fix" something that is not broken. Change for the sake of change is silly.


HI Bill,. 

I understand your frustrations, change is never easy! We actually have the exact same importing options plus some new ones. What has changed is the process and appearance of getting to the import steps.


You can still import a file, type in contacts and details into a table format, add one contact at a time and use apps to connect other databases. We added the option to type or paste email addresses and upload unsubscribed. 


Which method are you looking for? I'm happy to get you pointed in the right direction!



Hannah M. 

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