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Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

I would like to be able to edit the individual information without having to constantly go back to the beginning. Very cumbersome program.

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I like the new tools. It would be helpful to add "previous" and "next" arrows on the profile pages for each contact, so that you can quickly move through a list of contacts in profile view without having to return to the main list.
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I have a list of contacts I need to go through and organize into specific groups and there is no easy way to do this besides going one by one and constantly scrolling. It would help if once you clicked on someone there would be a next button so you can add a tag and move on to the next contact while seeing all their info rather than click little box or contact, tag, go back to the contacts and go click on the next person.
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and see the next contact's page without having to return to list.
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next record button so we can move faster through list edits
I'm managing my bounces and would really like to have them listed in alphabetical order by name or by email. Also, after I click on an email address to change it, it takes me to a screen just for that contact. I wish that after making the change, there would be a "return to manage bounces" button. as it is, I just click "back" on my browser, which takes me to the first page of my bounces list. then i have to click forward to the page where I was.

When updating the contacts you have to go back to view all the contacts, it would be nice if you could just click next to see the next contact record. When you have the list of bounced names and want to update their information this feature would be a lot easier because you have to go back and then it brings you to the people who receive the email and then you have to click on bounced records to get to the name again that you want to update. It's very timely doing it that way.

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You need a next button so if you are updating your contacts you can select the next and it will take you to the next contact without having to go back.
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with previous and next. Need to be able to work with contacts easier than using only browser back button, working in contacts is very slow and cumbersome task!
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When in a separate email list, when you click on that persons contact info, you get to the full details of that one contact with is great. But would would be better is if there was a 'next' and 'previous' button to see the next contact info within that list so that one doesn't need to always go back to the beginning of each list.
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Would like to see a way to jump to the letter in the alphabet that you are looking for. Such as clicking an icon for the letter F and you are at the top of the Fs