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Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

I would like to be able to edit the individual information without having to constantly go back to the beginning. Very cumbersome program.

It would be a great feature to be able to scroll from one contact to the next within a particular email list instead of having to go back then click on your next contact.
Also, it would be nice if we could review contacts one at a time, like a "next contact" button at the bottom of the page. This is a VERY GOOD service, just hoping it can be better. Often we users ask for features you already have, and it would be great if that's the case with these two suggestions.
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On the contact page, I am in one list, but I need to see what other lists those contacts are on, but the only way to do that is to click back and forth from the list page to each individual contact's info. Can we have a drop down hide/view option of the contact's details under their name?
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A previous version of Constant Contact seemed to have this feature but it is gone from the current one.


Hi Carole, 

Thanks for posting. You could also check off the contact and click the "Add to Email Lists" button in the header. This would show you which lists the contact was on in the overlay and then you could close out and check a new contact.


This is good idea for the future, thanks again!

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Hi, I would find two things to be incredibly helpful if you incorporated them. It would save hundreds of unnecessary clicks! 1) When viewing a contact, make the lists they're a part of clickable so they go back to the summary of contacts in that list. Instead of having to click the list name in the side bar - or more clicks, if the list name is not one that shows. 2) Along the side bar, you should be able to move the email lists to keep in your view which ones you are working with versus keeping them in alphabetical order. I'm going to have 5 list of S names on top of all the other lists. It's wasting time for me to click "View All Lists" then scroll down and click the list name and find the contact I need. 3) When uploading information for contacts like addresses and such, you should either default it for Home, not other. Also, If that's not possible, you should add more lines to choose from and set them up like Email Address -- there's an option to pick for home, work, other, etc. Some of the things you have set up can be changed to be more efficient. If you have specific questions, please contact me via email at **Removed By Moderator**


Thanks for the detailed feedback, this is helpful! We are always looking to make changes and updates based on what would help you so please keep sharing any ideas you have!


Thanks again.

Status changed to: New idea
When in a contacts profile, instead of hitting the back button and having to scroll down to find the next contact in the list, it would be nice to have a 'next contact' button. That way you can just move on to the next person without wasting all that time. I currently have to go through all 1500 of our contacts and it is a pain to keep going back and scrolling, back and scrolling.