Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

I would like to be able to edit the individual information without having to constantly go back to the beginning. Very cumbersome program.

I would like to see: A way to click on the first letter of the last name to get to the right page instead of having to scroll through everything. How about a navigation bar at both the top and the bottom, instead of just the bottom? After making a correction, it goes back to A, then I have to scroll again. I would rather have it return to where I was.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I would like to be able to have the custom fields appear in all previous and new contacts without having to add them with this drop down menu, so i would go to manage my contacts and not only create the field name but also the field itself, to much of a hassle inserting the same fields into each contact. It would also be lnice to have a "next" link or button inside the customer profile so you can go from one customer to the next without having to go back to the list
Accessing one name is easy, but when you must go through the entire list (e.g. selecting for a new sub-list), then it takes too much time to flip through. Thanks.
Contact Details- Suggest adding a "BACK" for easier navigation.
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pages load much too slowly. I can't go to a specific page of contacts, it appears that I have to move one page at a time and it takes forever for a page to load. I can't edit a contact and return to the same location on the contact page. I have to scroll to the bottom of the page every time I want to advance to the next page. This system wastes my time!
It would be helpful if the same "page forward" button at the bottom of the list of contacts was also at the top of the list so we don't have to scroll back down to the bottom every time. Thanks!
It would be nice to be able to directly search another contact rather than to go back to the contacts list, search another contact from there, make one small change, go back to contact list, search another contact, etc. Seems there would be a more fluid way of proceeding. Just a thought.
What about adding a space to 'jump' to a contact number? if you have 2500 contacts, allow the user to enter 997 to be able to go to the 'middle' of the pack?
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Meaning once you complete one contact information in to the dbase the software should prompt you to the next screen to add another contact right away so you can keep on typing and going with stop. The way it is now you have to stop go in to contacts and wait for the screen to open up to add the new contact information in to the dbase. This way you can have a constant flow and get it done a lot faster, etc. Michelle Pisciotta
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Meaning once you complete one contact information in to the dbase the software should prompt you to the next screen to add another contact right away so you can keep on typing and going without stop. Correction

I have over 400 contacts and each time I want to move to the next page, I have to scroll down to get to the arrows. Would it be possible for you to add those arrows at the top so I don't have to scroll down? It would be so much easier and faster if I would be able to click at the top. Thank you.
I wish there was a way to flip through the customers and label them without having to exit to the main list and click on each customers name. Why isn't there some efficient way of flipping through by last name??? If there is please let me know as Im wasting half my time with this problem
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I need a better way to begin at a certain point in our contacts rather than paging through from the beginning each time.
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Simple Request - I have a special list that I need to get into the details of the clients and add information. I would like to go through the list of contacts one by one to change information. I would like a "NEXT BUTTON" on the top right corner so I don't have to go BACK to contacts and find my list and then find my spot in the order I was in to make my next modification. Huge time saver for a simple button to say next client in my list to edit.
I am trying to do some data-entry corrections on specific email lists; i can't seem to find a way to easy go to the next contact record in the email list that has been created, so I am jumping back to "contacts" and then re-choosing the correct email list and then going to the next person...there has to be an easier way....please help.
It would be helpful, until the search function is completed to be able to select a page range when viewing campaigns after a sort.
To more easily update and edit contacts. When you click on an individual contact to edit the information, you should be able to click "NEXT" or "PREVIOUS" to more easily scroll through contacts one by one.
Please put navigation arrows at top AND bottom of each list. And if you're able to have the individual pages listed too (like the 1,2,3. . .10 at the bottom of a Google search), that would be very helpful, instead of having to work my way through each page in order. (Yes, I have a long list. It's supposed to be long.)
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If I click on a contact, why can't I just from that page click, next and see the next contact? Why do I have to go back to the list, and manually click on the next contact. It takes so much time!
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I cannot find any way to scroll through successive contacts in my list while in the detail view (i.e., with the contact name, email address, groups joined, sent & clicked detail, etc.) Is there a way to move through the contacts list without having to view one contact, then go back to the complete list to select to view the next one? (Most databases offer a set of buttons for moving one record backward or forward... but I don't see it in CC!)
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It would be nice to be able to select a list, view a contact, edit the contact, then go to the next contact without having to go back to the list and scroll through. I think I've made this request for the past 3 years...
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It's really annoying to be searching for something (which in and of its self is annoying, hence have a search button) and always having to scroll to the buttom to change pages. 

I wish I could go from one completed contact to the next without needing to start at the beginning. Does anyone know how?
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It is too difficult to search for previous emails which in the previous format was much easier. I often reference/copy an email from a year ago and now I have to go through many pages upon pages to find it... In the past, it was simple to search by page number. Please bring that back.
It would be nice on the contacts page if you there were page numbers rather than just a next arrow. If I'm deleting old contacts (say under the letter L), it goes back to the A's and you have to page forward one at a time. It would be nice if you could click on either a letter (M) or page number (12) instead to get to the specific page.
Could we have all page numbers at the top and bottom of the page so we can skip ahead or back to pages, and don't have to scroll and wait?
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Bounce count is subtracted from Send count before Opens is divided by Sends.  So you had either 3 or 4 bounces.  Correct?




Can you add to the top of the contact list the navigation bar that is now only at the bottom, that is, the 'show XX rows per page' bar. And add the ability to go directly to the page you need without having to click through one by one - Page 1, 2, 3...7 next. It's very tedious to have to constantly click page by page to get back to where I want to be. Thank you.

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It could be easier to edit one or more records on one screen of records and move to the next or previous screen. The toggle for moving one page at a time can also be at the top of the screen rather than clicking page down for every movement. I have many contacts to touch-up tonight and I wanted to "cure" them before an early morning mailer. THANKS for your support.
An added feature that would help me out greatly would be the ability to have previous and next tabs to click while looking through contacts.
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need a "next" button when viewing contacts in a list; currently have to open the contact, then hit the back button, then find the next contact on the list.... tedious and time consuming!
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I login and I have no way of navigating and it's annoying. I need a menu so I can manage my list or create a campaign. 

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I do a lot of editing within individual records, and I find it extremely cumbersome and clunky. To edit multiple names, I have to search, click on the name, make edits (and save). There's no feature to 'return' to search or do another search, etc. So, I hit the 'back' button and wait. then click next name in search box. So clunky and slow.
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It would be great to have a Next/Prev Contact option when editing a single contact so that I don't have to navigate back to the list.
It would be very helpful to have an easy way to move between contacts. I often need to go through our contacts and make updates. If I could just click on the first name in the list, make the changes, then click "next" to move on to the next name in the list, it would save me so much time. Right now I have to hit the "back" button on my browser and refreshes the contact list, and I have to scroll back down and figure out where I was in the's extremely time-consuming. Is there any way you guys could make this happen? Thanks!
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A "next" button would be a great tool in contacts. When I get an unsubscribe list, I tried to make sure they are all marked correctly and remove them from any tags as well. Same goes if we get new subscribers, I add tags to them. Going back and forth from the contacts page to file to contacts a real pain! A "next file" button would cut time in updating the files. Thanks!
It would be immensely helpful if one could scroll pages of contacts at the top of the list instead of only at the bottom of the page. Also, if one could jump to a particular page instead of having to scroll through page by page.

Sometimes I need to filter some contacts out to create a list - we often mail to regions by state, and need to exclude certain addresses. Normally creating separate lists would work, but the contacts we need to exclude are not a constant, so that is useless. The simplest way to accomplish this would be to search for emails by state, while excluding a Company name or email that starts with or contains X. I do not have the time to manually remove all these emails from the list each time, and can find no way to filter them with the advanced search, as it's inclusive only.


Advanced search needs the following options:

  • "does not start with"
  • "contains"
  • "does not contain"

Currently, I'm having to resort to exporting a SalesForce report with the desired contacts and importing it to a new list every time (Salesforce and CC sync is worthless). This is incredibly cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone.

It would be very helpful to include a "Next" button to scroll through the Contacts view to review mailing lists and scrub our contacts. It is very time consuming to have to manually go back to Contacts and select the forward arrow to review every contact past the first page.
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When I am working with the list of clients and make changes to a record, it is annoying that going back to the main list of contacts takes me all the way back to the beginning and I have to page forward several times to get back to where I was. I want it to take me back to the point in the list where that record resides. Also, it's annoying that the only page forward button is at the bottom of the list.
Why is that I cannot work through a list without having to get back in individually with each contact???
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I may be unique, but I add new names to my list one at a time, after talking with them. But for Constant Contact, its tedious. I think I have to go thru 3 pages before I'm logged in. (other sites just remember me). Then I click on Add. Before I can add a name, I have to click on the First Name Box: I can't use a Tab to get there. And since I'm there to add a name, why isn't the cursor already in the first box for this procedure. The easier you make it for me to add names, the more names I'll add (and the more you earn). Making it slow makes ME hesitate to add names.
I am going thru our contacts list, scrolling down the page, and whenever I click on one of the contacts for editing, then when I return to the previous page it takes me all the way back up to the top and I have to scroll down searching for the point where I left off. Does this happen all the time or is it just my laptop? It's slowing down my work quite a bit!
if i'm on a contact page there should be an easy way to add another contact name and email to the same company with the same address, tags, list, etc.
I'm doing a project for my customer that requires me to go through each contact one by one. Why in the name of all that is holy can't I page through them? I have to go back to the main contact page between every contact. There should be a link to go to the next or previous contact on each contact.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to scroll to the next contact in a list rather than have to arrow back and go to the next name.  I find myself losing track when there are multiple pages and hundreds of names.  This should be a no-brainer.

It would be great if while trying to edit contacts you could have an arrow to save current and move to next contact instead of having to go in and out of all of them one by one. thank you
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