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Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

Next/Previous buttons when editing single contact

I would like to be able to edit the individual information without having to constantly go back to the beginning. Very cumbersome program.

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It would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to scroll to the next contact in a list rather than have to arrow back and go to the next name.  I find myself losing track when there are multiple pages and hundreds of names.  This should be a no-brainer.

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It would be great if while trying to edit contacts you could have an arrow to save current and move to next contact instead of having to go in and out of all of them one by one. thank you
It would be really nice to be able to select a list and then flip thru those contacts in the Edit mode. it seems like when I am done with a person, I have to go back to the main level of Contacts, which is everyone, not the list I was just in. then I have to re-select that list, and find the next person I want to change, this is several extra steps each time.
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Currently, one has to go back to the main contacts list, then click on the appropriate list. Finally you must click on a name to see the next person on the list.
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Having to go back to the contacts list to get to the next contact is annoying. It's something that is standard on every platform EXCEPT this one. The is no Earthly reason why you can't put on it. ARGH!!!!!!