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I can't see whether a contact has bounces. Or what they've been sent. All I can see is their "engagement". Not what I need.
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Hi Joan,


Thanks for the feedback. I just want to clarify, when you click a specific contacts details and are viewing the engagement information you should be able to see the emails they clicked, opened and didn't get. I've included an example to the left.


If you aren't seeing this please let me know. Please continue to vote on this topic if you would like to see more information!

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Your little trashcan, with link, to delete an email does not work. I get a red text message that keeps asking for a "name or email or social ID". The email is already there!!!! I just want to delete the email!!! I have wasted my entire working day today trying to manage the bounces on my list. I have made three phone calls and made one chat attempt. I was given advice in one call that was contradicted in the next call. Constant Contact is always nagging us to manage our lists and then you make it more complicated. I am tempted to say to hell with it and not bother. May your servers fill up with the undeleted bounced quarantined emails of us frustrated customers. I should send you an invoice for consulting for the feedback I've been sending.
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