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Not pleased w/ revised history @ addressee

Not pleased w/ revised history @ addressee

Previously, if I wanted to check whether a contact was opening any messages, the HISTORY graph was very clear as to activity. Now, whether an item was SENT from me or OPENED by the contact is in one continuous scrolling field. This is not helpful.
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Hi Chela, Thanks for your feedback on this. Have you checked out the engagement area of your contact details? This is a new field on the right and shows all of the details you mentioned. Thanks again for sharing your ideas!
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I raised this question before and someone told me that I was the only one.  The engagement area is cumbersome, it is like a long string of useless information.  I need the concise table of the previous great system, so I can easily monitor the contact´s activity.  I am not the only one letting you know about this problem.





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