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Very frustrating to load contacts now. Last month, phone calls to support resulted in advice to save my .xlsx file as .csv to take out characters the system "didn't like." Previously, CC was adding approximately 100 of 268 contacts - despite several attempts. This month, saved file as .csv and it added 110 out of 263. Had to call to Support again. Tried 2x to upload them - no success. Tina helped me and added them - but we have no idea what was different on her end as she used my same file. Also, results showed 4 Unsubscribed - but there is no easy way for me to know who unsubscribed and should be taken off my list. That would be very helpful!! Finally, apparently we are part of the new contact product group users, not certain how that happened, but oh well. But, if there is a special number for support for people using the new version of software - why isn't that made available and promoted more instead of users have to get frustrated and call in and get transferred around. Tina is extremely nice and patient and encouraged me to offer feedback, but I don't feel like we got an answer to why my uploads are not working anymore. Thank you.

Hi Nancy,


I want to apologize for the frustration this has caused you.  The only way for me to be able to know what was wrong with the upload is to take a look at the file.  If you want to send it to with your username and reference this post I can try and get to the bottom of it. 


Also there is no quick way to tell exactly who the unsubscribed are but there is a way.  You would go to your unsubscribed folder and export all of the contacts, once you got the contacts in excel you can sort by date updated.  From here you can see the last contacts that were updated at the time of your original import. 


Also we do have a dedicated line for our customers on the new contact management system and you can reach us by one of the two following numbers.  You can also locate the numbers by clicking on the contacts tab then the link below it stating "Need some help?"

US 800-240-2302

UK 0808 234 0947

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