Notes Feature 4 times harder now

Hello, Is there a way that I can update notes for individual members in the list without click through four screens? I would like to call all members on a list an make updates for them. If there list is 100 people, this now requires 400 clicks, I think. Before it could be done all of one page.


Thank you for posting. Unfortunately, there is not a way to update the Notes on page as before. I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause. Please vote on this topic to see this feature implemented again.

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Does not seem to be a method available to edit or delete Notes for a Contact. Please add this functionality.
I still can't find my "NOTES" section. Is it gone forever??

Hi CherylC57

The notes section is available for you. Just click into any contact's details and then choose to view "Notes" on the right instead of "Engagement".

How do we add "notes" to classify contacts? This is how we track and follow our new clients. the contact entry feature has changed. Please help asap. thanks

Hi Kerry. If you were using notes as a way to differentiate contacts, you may want to look into using the new Tags for your contacts. You can set contacts to have one or multiple tags based on how you want to classify your subscribers.

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