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I recently learned that Constant Contact does not sent emails to "role addresses" such as marketing@, sales@, etc. We had an email like this in our contact list for several months, The customer reached out to us recently about adding that email address, but it was already in our contact list and showing emails had been sent to it. I contacted your Deliverability team to see why they may not be receiving the emails. That is when I learned the system cannot send email to addresses that start with marketing@. What would be helpful in those instances, is either do not allow the system to create an email with that prefix in the first place (show an error, similar to when you try to add an email that already exists), OR in the Engagement tab, show the messages as Undeliverable or Blocked, not Sent. There was no way for me to know that the emails were not getting through to that address, if the customer had not notified us. Please consider this change. Thank you!

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Hi @RandyA7. Thank you for the feedback. I can definitely see how some kind of notification in your account would be useful. I'll open this up for voting.

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