Number of Contacts Receiving an Email Campaign

When I'm sending our monthly newsletter and I'm selecting lists to send to, it would be really helpful if the counts displayed are the active contacts only so we can see exactly how many people will receive the email. Currently, we see the total number of people from all the lists selected, regardless of status, which is very inaccurate. Thanks.
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Hi @JohnM468

The total recipients does show once you've selected your lists. Is this what you are looking for?



Yes, the total number exists in reports after the send, but it would be more useful to have that number before we mail. Displaying the total number of emails on all lists is a useless piece of data. 

Please return the total send to the SCHEDULE page 


I will take this moment to gripe that the total number of sent no longer is available when viewing emails in the MY EMAILS page. What good is a percentage if you do not know the number it was derived from. 

Please return the total send to the MY EMAILS page.



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