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I have several old lists that I will not use again but would like to keep them so we can see who received invites to those particular events. It would be great to get them off the view of lists regularly used into a folder similar to folders you can open up on the email page. The stars are great for cueing up lists that are currently in process of receiving online mail.

Interesting idea, thanks for posting. Have you considered exporting the list from your account and saving it on your computer? This would allow you to re-import the same list when you are ready to use it again. We wouldn't suggest doing this monthly or even every couple months but if you had a holiday list or something like that this process would work!


Thanks again!

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I agree with the Archive or Folder option integrated into the software.  Exporting is a rather clunky way to deal with this data, and prone to other complications as users transition in/out of the office space.  Keeping the data on the application, yet in a separate folder is optimal.  Please make this change within Constant Contact!

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Agreed, this feature is vital.

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