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Only Show Subscribed to Lists when Contact Unsubscribes

Only Show Subscribed to Lists when Contact Unsubscribes

It would be great if when a contact clicks unsubscribe and is given the option to remain on certain lists, that that list would be just the distribution lists that specific user is a part of, not the exhaustive list.


The issue I am running in to is that we work with different agencies (competing agencies) and send our emails out to all of them.  I don't want one person who is a part of one agency to see that we also work with some of their competitors.  If the contact could just see the lists they are a part of (Agency A- Newsletters, Agency A- Updates, Agency A- Blasts) instead of all the lists we have (Agency A- Newsletters, Agency A- Updates, Agency A- Blasts; Agency B- Newsletters, Agency B- Updates, Agency B- Blasts; Agency C- Newsletters, Agency C- Updates, Agency C- Blasts) that would be much better than the all or nothing option now.


I am now forced to only offer to unsubcribe from all lists, which if the contact doesn't know which lists they are a part of, may not be their actual intent.



Erica Drake

CTCT Employee

Thank you for your feedback, Erica!  Your feedback is important to us.  I encourage others to vote for this idea if they agree.  If you have any other feedback or questions please feel free to reach out to us!

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: New
Status changed to: Closed - No Action