Only Show Subscribed to Lists when Contact Unsubscribes

It would be great if when a contact clicks unsubscribe and is given the option to remain on certain lists, that that list would be just the distribution lists that specific user is a part of, not the exhaustive list.


The issue I am running in to is that we work with different agencies (competing agencies) and send our emails out to all of them.  I don't want one person who is a part of one agency to see that we also work with some of their competitors.  If the contact could just see the lists they are a part of (Agency A- Newsletters, Agency A- Updates, Agency A- Blasts) instead of all the lists we have (Agency A- Newsletters, Agency A- Updates, Agency A- Blasts; Agency B- Newsletters, Agency B- Updates, Agency B- Blasts; Agency C- Newsletters, Agency C- Updates, Agency C- Blasts) that would be much better than the all or nothing option now.


I am now forced to only offer to unsubcribe from all lists, which if the contact doesn't know which lists they are a part of, may not be their actual intent.



Erica Drake


Thank you for your feedback, Erica!  Your feedback is important to us.  I encourage others to vote for this idea if they agree.  If you have any other feedback or questions please feel free to reach out to us!

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