Open rate and link clicks are 100% for users of Barracuda Email Secur

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Immediately after a campaign was sent, I noticed that every recipient domain that uses Barracuda ESS shows an open and link open. Anyone else noticed this and have any suggestions? I was thinking of seperating out those domains into separate contact lists so the reporting is not skewed, but would be a pain to manage without downloading the contact list, processing and recategorizing with custom code, then uploading.
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I am asking Barracuda support the same question, and will post their response here.


 HI @Handi-Riders

Thanks for posting about this. I would like to run this by our delivery team for more information from this end. Can you help with a couple of points?


- Is the email you are looking at the "Ribs and Rods 2015" email?

- Are the domains "", "@crbr" the ones you are seeing? Are these your addresses or how are you confirming the use of Barracuda?



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