Please ad "Date Modified" after Date Created on the View All (Contact) Lists page!

Hello, for those of us managing a large number of email contact lists, it would be super helpful to see "Date Modified" in addition to (or even instead of!) Date Created when viewing all lists. We try to stay on top of deleting obsolete lists, but the creation date is not an accurate indication if something is obsolete, so we have to examine each one to see if it's obsolete. AND/OR adding a way to see what the list has been used for (ie all prior uses) would be great on the specific list display page, too. Thanks!
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Sorry for the typo!

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Hello @MaliR,


I agree, this would be a great thing to have! Thank you for this feedback, I've opened it up for voting.


I agree this is imperative to keep lists updated. Has anyone found a solution?

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