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I am a publicist dealing with clients who are sorted to 10 different lists. In examining my entire list recently, I had to delete many duplicate entries (don't know how they got there, btw). I got exasperated with deleting them one by one, so after making sure that all the names on one particular page needed to be deleted, I clicked on the box next to "Name" at the top of the page, thinking that I would delete everything on that page. Instead, ALL MY CONTACTS WERE DELETED. All 850 of them. Luckily, one of your customer service people was able to restore the contacts, but they were all assigned by default to the same list. I have spent the last FIVE DAYS going through each contact, one by one, and re-assigning them to the correct list. This process, aside from causing major mental trauma, has prevented me from doing any other work, and I'm exhausted. Here are my fervent suggestions: 1) If the user does something that would precipitate deleting their entire contact list (and this would, as you can imagine, most often be as a result of a gigantic mistake on their part), there should be a big, pulsing red screen and a siren that come up with the message ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE YOUR ENTIRE CONTACT LIST? Yes, there was a little box that said Are you sure you want to delete x number of contacts? But I had assumed that just the entire page would be deleted, not my whole bloody professional life's worth of contacts. 2) If the row of categories at the top of the page applies to more than that single page, there should be another big glaring prompt that says Are you sure you want to make this change to your entire list? If, for example, I am using the 50 names per page option and try to Print the page, I just get those 50 names printed, not the entire list. So I assumed that anything you do for a single page just applies to that page and no other. Please, Constant Contact techies, fix these problems! Your site is so wonderfully useable in so many other respects. But this deletion business has just been a disaster for me.


Thanks for posting your feedback. I am very sorry to hear of your frustrations but I am glad that you were able to get the list back. 


One point I want to clarify is that if you are viewing your list (50 contacts) and click to print, it's only going to print what is showing on the page. Instead, it would be best to export the list you want to print and then print it from Excel. This would contain all the contacts and any information you needed. 



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