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Please add user-customizable redirect after opt-in

Please add user-customizable redirect after opt-in

Please enable a way to customize the page people see after they opt in on a form hosted by you. I want to have them land on a web page of my choosing, so that in this case, they get immediate access to the training they purchased. Thank you, Bevan
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Once one submits the sign up form there is a default message of "Thank you! We've added you to the mailing lists you selected." This doesn't make sense when they are simply signing up for email communications and haven't made selections from a list of options. Might be nice to have the option for "Thank you for subscribing!" and end it there.
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This is great feedback, thanks for posting! 

Participating Solution Provider

You can do that now currently if you use the embed code option. You need to find the success message and change it.


Thanks for posting this feedback!

Is there any way to minimize the size of the legal jargon on the sign up form? It is so gigantic and takes up half the form which makes it look so sloppy and unprofessional. None of the big sites have it so huge. I understand the need for it, however, there must be a better way to show it either in smaller font so it's not so obtrusive or as a link to another page where the person can read all about it. Thoughts?
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The form doesn't offer enough options to customize. We need to be able to change the personal information fields to request the information we need from our clients. We also need to be able to modify the template to reflect our brand.
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Also, please allow changing the color of the submit button. Your sign-up form is the weakest feature of your service. Please add buttons and drop-down boxes to your Word Press form plug-in.
Occasional Advisor
For the sign up form fields, you should be able to customize which fields you want. some companies need more specific fields
Solution Provider
I think it would be a great feature in the sign-up form to have the "sign up" button be able to change to a specific color and also to change what that text says in the button.
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Please, please make this message customizable.  When someone opts in for one of my free offers, instead of getting what they asked for (a webinar, a test or a book excerpt), they get this message: Thank you! We've added you to the mailing lists you selected.  This message needs to be customizable so it could say "Thank you, please check your inbox for ...." This really needs to be fixed ASAP!  Thanks! 


Here is feedback I just got from someone who was considering helping me promote my webinar.  


Hi Wendy,

The opt in still isn't working how I would expect it as a consumer.


I click on a link that promises a free webinar.  I go to the opt in page and give my name and email for a free webinar.  When I click submit, instead of seeing a free webinar, I see a page that says, 


FREE WEBINAR - Finding Your Happily Ever After!

Thank you!
We've added you to the mailing lists you selected.


It's confusing - I didn't ask to be adding to any mailing list.  And, where is my free webinar?   Couldn't you put the webinar on a page on your website as the thank you page?

I would like to be able to change the wording of the Thank You! that comes after they sign up.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the great feedback.

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need to have a sign up form that drives to a link
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Thanks for the feedback @Resoniv,


I'd like to understand this feedback a little better.  When someone signs up for your list, are you hoping you can send them to a specific page?


Yes when you fill out a form I want it to redirect you to a thank you page instead of sending you an email that drives you to my thank you page. That is 2 step instead of one step



I find people no longer like the "You've been successfully added to the mailing list" and would prefer "You have been successfully added to our membership list" How can I change that?
New Member
When they sign up on the landing page form and submit it, I would like to be able to customize what it says. I would like for it to say "Thank you look for your ________ in your inbox" instead of saying they were added to an email list.
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Great feedback here. We implemented a new type of sign up form called Landing Pages that allow you to customize the "thank you" page, change the color of the sign up button, and offer a file download or redirect after completing. More information on this is available in our Knowledge Base article here.