Please change this: Importing contacts overides their status (Implied or Express)

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I have approx. 14000 contacts and all have confirmed their EXPRESS consent. I am very careful about this, because of the new canadian law. Here is my suggestion (and my problem) :


Every 3 months, I will send an email to all my new customers (in my business's database) to ask them if they want to subscribe to my newsletter and other lists I have. In my database, I don't know who has already subscribed via my website form. So today, I imported 600 contacts into a new list so that I can email them. When I imported it, Constant Contact asked me to confirm if these people were IMPLIED or EXPRESS. I chose IMPLIED.


Well, I noticed that out of the 600, there was aprox 200 that were all ready subscribed to my different lists and now their consent had been overided. It used to be EXPRESS and now it's IMPLIED.


So this forced me to send 2 emails. One that asked the people already subscribed to please confirm (AGAIN) and the other email to the 400 people not subscribed. I lost a lot of time...


Please don't let the consent type be overided. I'm sure I'm not the only canadian business owner that will do this now that we can't subscribe people ourselves via our own database.

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