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I LOVE Constant Contact! You guys rock. Regardless, here's a suggestion for improvement: when I'm about to delete a list, I want a confirmation before doing it. On the box where it says, what would you like to do this action cannot be undone. I want to see right there that you and I are talking about the same list. The lists are close together and a person could accidentally click on the wrong one. I want to confirm it before doing it. I have another suggestion. I submitted this one a long time ago. You guys kick MailChimp's ass 100,000 times! However, they do have a couple things that are better than yours and this is one of them: when sending to a list, they have a button that says "You are going to send to X-number of people right now… Are you sure you want to do this? If so, push this button." You need to have something better defined than what you have. Even excellent products can be improved so thank you for your consideration. Love you, love you, love you!
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Great feedback, thanks for posting!

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