Please give total opens counts instead of percentage

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On the home page and email list page please return the count of total opens. Changing to percentages is fine for the mobile vs computer but a percentage is not effective unless you know the total sends. The open count is the most important piece of data that I want to see first. The rest I can get at leisure in reports.
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Doris Simpkins Reporting percentages (as in Open Rate) inaccurate (for us) and not really useful if calculated on any unique opens past the date and time of the event. For example, Open Rate only matters based on those opened before the expiration of the email event. Once the event is over, it really doesn't matter (to us) that the email was opened, even a day or two later (if there is a cutoff in Constant Contact). So a true Open % is usually far less than that reported in Constant Contact. Is there an option that allows and expiration date and time to be input so as to get a true calculation of Open rate? Have only been working with Constant Contact for a few months so perhaps I overlooked it.

Hi @PrestonL1 

Unfortunately there is not a feature that allows you to narrow down your open rate in the way you suggested but this is great feedback for the future! Please continue to share any ideas you have!



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