Please give us back the previous solid system - it is not only for us, but also for our clients

Constant Contact has a great technical platform - it is  not an end by itself.  Technical platforms should always be solid and reliable.  Because we love this technical platform, which used to be user friendly and easy to learn, we become creative and find many ways to use it.


CC has very nice templates that offer a great flexibility - this is a big plus.


Anothe big plus is the excellent flexibility that allowed us to easily create segmentized lists, to move or copy contacts and to also assess the lists, find out the contact activity.  If a contact was not opening the messages, I copy the contact to a new list and send an email asking him if he was receiving the emails, thus, getting him back on track.


In this sense, because we rely on the solid platform, we educate ourselves and use your excellent educational tools to learn it.  We then become creative and implement new ideas.  Then we recommend your services and help others  learn the system.  We teach people and give suggestions, explore better ways to do things - because we have a strong, reliable and solid platform.


The new contact management system is  not helping us do our work in an efficient way.  Not only we are forced to learn something completely new, but we need tp cope with the many problems of this system that is not working and that has caused other problems (like the fact that autoresponders are not working, that email campaigns are not going to the lists that we request, that statistics are failing or are not consistent, that we need to export contacts to another system instead of keeping the work in the same platform, that we get useless information in the engagement contact area, that this information is not easy to read and concise as it was before).


Since the 7th of July I have been struggling with all the problems.  I have received excellent support in terms of listening and trying to find solutions - but the issues are very big, go beyond the knowledge of people like Aaron, Hannah, Jared.  I can see the big effort you are making.


But the root solution to these problems is not yet visible - this new system has too many weaknesses so I kindly request again to give us the previous system that worked so well.






Status changed to: New
Once again I am sorry and cant apologize enough Lucia. Unfortunately there are some known issues that we are working through to make sure the product does excel and work better for our customers. We are making the strides necessary to get it to that point but it is taking some time. i appreciate all your patience you have as the system continues to improve.

Hi Jaredmerc,

Again, so kind of you to always listen and to be empathetic.  I know this problem is beyond your services and you really do a big effort to calm us down.  The bottom line is that we do not have an efficient service - in my case, since 7 July.  I am doing my best to find other solutions within CC - some are working (like getting a new free account for 2 months for my autoresponders).  Hope that during this time, things work better than before and that your developers can integrate the excellent features that we used to have.  Thanks so much.

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