Please re-word the contact management popup messages

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It is extremely - very extremely - unclear to the general user how to unsubscribe a contact per the contact's request.  "Delete" - which says the person is removed "permanently" - actually does no such thing - it just removes the person until they are added back in somehow.  That Delete message needs to say UP FRONT that this action does not unsubscribe the contact, and in fact you are free to add them back.  And it then further needs to tell you explicitly there, on that screen, or with a very obvious link, exactly how to unsubscribe the person.

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Hello @Anonymous,


Thank you for this feedback! I'm passing this along to our engineers and opening this for voting.

You base what you charge me on how many contacts I have. However, the management of those contacts is difficult. I find that I eliminate inactive contacts - so as to be charged for only active contacts - and yet, deletions don't stay gone. I really find your system cumbersome and ineffective.
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You've done nothing about this.  The message says "permanently removed" - but it does no such thing. So I have to manually remove, one at a time, each contact. That is just not right.
Either fix the message or fix the process (preferred - fix the process).  I don't really want to go public with this via twitter or something (a slight threat?) but I am really not happy with the misleading wording and the inability to manage the unsubscribing in a bulk manner.delete message.PNG permanent.PNG

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