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Pop up ad over login

HATE the ad over the login button. Are you kidding me?? Most of the time you can't make it go away and I have to go out and then back into the site several times before i can even get to my work. Pam ***Removed by Mod***/ Cabarrus Arena

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Thanks for posting!

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I agree. At the very least, you should have an option to "not see this screen again." It's a waste of time to have to click through to close every time I log in--which is many times a day.

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Yes. This needs to go. If this were a free, ad-supported site I could see these promos as the cost of doing business, but my company is a paying customer, so when I want to log in and do work, I want to do it NOW, not after I'm through wading through your promo.

Furthermore, I see links that say "Vote for this idea if you agree," but when I click them I'm sent to some page that doesn't have a trace of this "idea" on it. It's a list of other ideas I have no opinion on.

If you want people to vote for something, doesn't it seem logical to make that possible? Or am I missing something?


It used to be that Constant Contact was the only decent option for e-mail marketing. That's no longer the case, and you would be well to remember that when you introduce "features" like this that annoy your paying customers.

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Is nobody paying any attention here? Has Constant Contact simply stopped giving a **bleep** what their customers want? That stupid pop-up ad is STILL THERE, and I consider it abusive.

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