Problem with the custom questions and more

Hello - again,

In the contact information section, in the "hide and seek" area of  the "add" section, I just realized that my old contacts answers do not appear in the correct section, where the question is.


The answers have been misplaced.


I know that you are trying your best to fix all the problems, but it seems that I find new ones everyday - and it is impossible for you to catch up with all these issues.


New clients who subscribe to Constant Contact can open an account and use the previous great system.  Let us be practical - let us all open a new account and then you help us transfer our data.  This will solve the problems.


As you know, my account was changed on 7 July - it is almost 3 months and the only changes that I see are the following:


1. You managed to give us back the option to sort our contact lists by date.  This was a good solution!  On the other hand, a new problem arose - we are unable to see the dates in which a contact joins a list - the system gives us only the subscriber´s date. We cannot get the "unsubscribed" dates.


2. You managed to partially fix the autoresponder system in my account.  A new problem appeared in the form and it is that foreign characters cannot be used anymore.  So if I tried to update the form, I would get an "ooops" message and could not save my changes - only because I use the system in Spanish. 


3. I have not seen any progress in fixing the Engagement area of the contacts - this makes it very difficult to verify the activity from my contact and to place them in other lists, when they have read or completed a series of messages.


4. The system is presented in a "hide and seek" version, that turns everyting into a puzzle.  Not friendly at all.


5. Contact results have not been fixed so we can get back the monthly information of new contacts, unsubscribers, removed.


6. Vocabulary or terminology used is different now, which causes MANY problems.  New concept: "Delete" - what does it mean?  What happens to "do not mail" (or unsubscribe)?  Confusing.


7. When exporting a list, we cannot have separate columns for the lists in which a contact is subscribed.  This is another big problem for all of us who use lists frequently.  We  need to verify the lists in which our contacts are placed - we cannot longer do it.


Some problems that are not strictly related to the Contact Management system, arose when this was implemented - everything is related and affected.


I can see that this is a huge problem for you guys to fix all these issues. Why don´t we just use the previous great system that worked so well - it is the best in the industry!






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LuciaG0 wrote:


I know that you are trying your best to fix all the problems, but it seems that I find new ones everyday - and it is impossible for you to catch up with all these issues.



I do not at all agree that Constant Contact is "trying their best to fix all the problems". They don't even acknowledge that there ARE problems.


To me, the underlying problem is that they released a VERY badly-designed system without sufficiently testing it. A further problem is that they can't or won't undo the damage they have done. They don't seem to care at all about the huge amount of unnecessary work that their customers have to do in A) learning the new system, and :sunglasses: doing all the repetitive work it now takes to perform even simple tasks.


And of course, they don't know, or don't acknowledge, that their new product is unfit for people to use.  




Hi Lou_Sander,

You are absolutely right about the fact that this is a badly designed system; it was not tested properly, and they cannot undo the damage.  This explains that since 7 July, when my account was massacred with these changes, just a few things were changed.


Yes, I have to admit that the people responsible of fixing the problems, nor the high level management, seem to care about what so many of us are saying.  They certainly do not want to recognize that they made a big mistake.


On the other hand, I really appreciate that the people who answer to us, Jared, Hannah, etc., have a very difficult task to do.  They try to calm us down, they are very nice and supportive - but it is not in their hands to tame the beast.  And the beast is not us - it is their developers.  Sorry for them and I thank them for trying to answer to us.







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Hello Lucia,


It was a pleasure to speak with you on the phone, It looks like alot of the stuff we have spoken about will be addressed eventually with future product updates, other customers have also spoken about the contact list ordering, and some of the other feature requests. I am going to submit any feedback that we do not already have listed for our product team, and please if you have any addl feedback please post it on our community forums.



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