Problems with list and contact selection when scheduling an email

Need help. Select ALL contacts in a list fails if you scroll to another page. Example: if you select ALL in a list with more than one page of contacts, and deselect certain contacts on page 1, then move to page 2, CC deselects all contacts When selecting lists to send during email scheduling, clicking all lists will only select the first two lists. You must then click each list you want sent to.
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I have had the same problem. More clueless design by Constant Contact, followed by sweet murmurings of "we love you and we listen to your feedback". 

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Status changed to: New
Thanks for sharing this feedback, Dave.
Perhaps fine for sole proprietorships or very small companies. but for clients of yours who are larger or have multiple client lists this is slightly cumbersome to navigate. Also, when updating a list - it would be helpful to have a drop down menu of the email lists instead of having to remember the exact wording of your list. Thanks. I also have no desire to post this to your public forum. My intention when clicking the button was to provide private, constructive feedback for your developers and managers.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Joseph. I can understand howa drop down would help you in this situation. 

Sorting contacts by subscribe date is available for Contact Management, why can't the list selection for email distribution be chronological as well??? Right now, it is only alphabetical.

Hi Timothy,


This is great feedback. Thank you for posting this. Please continue providing any feedback or suggestions that you have.

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