Constant Contact Issues that need addressing

First, I TWICE tried to send feedback via the Feedback link on the CC site. Only after the second time the pop up that I needed to log in appeared did I called CC to report that I WAS LOGGED IN, and more than a bit irritated as writing clearly my requests, preferences, annoyances, and concerns took about a half hour each time while on vacation using a precious few hours to do the work I needed to do using CC.


Tech Support told me that for security reasons Feedback timed out after 15 minutes. So the next day I prepared an earlier draft of this text, which did not include this paragraph. I did this so I could copy and paste the draft from this Word document into the Feedback link. No dice; though it took considerably less than 15 minutes I was again told I needed to log in. Well, to see if I was logged in, I closed Feedback and clicked the previous page, and voila, I was logged in. I also closed CC, reopened it and got to Feedback and wrote a single sentence testing Feedback and again it rejected my comments and told me I had to log in. Again I could use CC so I was logged in. I reported this via a phone call to the next Tech Support person at CC, with the hope that you guys would actually read a complaint coming to you from me via your own staff IF at the top it said REJECTED BY FEEDBACK but as I am unsure the tech engineers will look at it, I am going to try again. If you read this you will know that this is somewhere around my 6th or 7th time trying to reach you. This should not happen; it is a case study of putting whatever you put up way too soon – well before you remove all the glitches.


Point Two; the new fixes on the site lack clarity; whoever you test these on before putting them up for everyone are far more nimble at this and far too close to you guys than are some of your clients. You are making a huge mistake by not letting your clients know they have only 15 minutes to provide feedback, just as you are making a big mistake by using a plus symbol (+) instead of saying add email lists here and then underline that as a link or have the plus sign immediately next to that as well as the directions in the same color type – something has to connect the two together since there is a second option of adding more emails on the same line. Frankly, I believe the clearest and most user friendly way of solving that problem is to put the two on two separate functions on different lines. Right now it probably works for those like yourselves with random access minds, but not for people like me with linear minds.


Here is what I had originally wanted to put on the Feedback portion of the CC site:


1. Be more user friendly.
So that if one is supposed to click on a plus sign that looks like an ant on my laptop screen and a very small one at that (though it might look like a + on a large screen) and there is nothing to tell me that one should click on the + to reveal the email lists so I am able to select the lists to which I want to send the announcement I just formatted, then tell me to do this. Even if I can find the + sign, how am I to know that I should click on it to reveal the email lists?


Similarly, if you want Feedback but are only going to give the client 15 minutes to provide it, let the client know this. In my case, I had no idea I had only 15 minutes to write comments and as a result I tried twice to report what I am here reporting as problems that CC should be addressing – or should have addressed before putting up the new format as it is not working properly. You could certainly reduce the frustration of some of your clients, including me, if you were more user friendly. Obviously, from above you saw that this was not the only problem with the Feedback link; Regardless of the limited time I took earlier in the week, I could not get this information to CC via the web.


2. Do not load a new way for your clients to send out a document before all the glitches are removed.

I sent out two announcements yesterday and two today [that would have been September 16 and 17]. There were problems both days with one of the two different announcements. Yesterday one of the two announcements I sent out went out under a subject line for an announcement sent out last Friday. Today, save for noting the price of food and beverage (one additional line) and adding the website (a second additional line), I re-sent the announcement that I had sent out on Monday under the incorrect subject line and it went out fine. Unfortunately, the second announcement today, which was for the National Gallery of Art did not go out, though the subject line did lead readers to expect the museum’s concert schedule for September. Instead, what they saw was a repeat of the announcement that had gone out approximately a half hour earlier.


This error requires me to send out the National Gallery of Art announcement on Wednesday with an explanation that CC was at fault.


I explained the entire process I followed step by step to a tech support person this evening. She admitted there were glitches to the new way of doing things and they were being addressed. Fine, but I am the one who is paying the price for Constant Contact’s glitches and its moving too quickly with a new format all the kinks of which have not been removed as they should have been before putting it out for their clients to use. AND, with these problems alone, which the tech person reported as not being unique, it seems that CC’s installation was premature, a condition that is a repeat of an earlier major installation.

These re-dos of announcements have set me back an entire day as I rarely send more than two announcements a day as otherwise people are more likely to unsubscribe.


3. When on a weekend, have tech support work longer hours the weekend night(s) CC goes public with a major change.

As with the last time you installed a new mode of operation for your clients, I had to call CC to find out how to do something; this time it was how to select the lists the email needed to be sent to. Tech support phone lines close early Sunday night – way too early when you are prematurely putting something new and less than clear out there for your clients to use. It is imperative for CC to be responsive to clients when they make major changes and it astounded me that you did not extend your hours of service for your clients on Sunday night. You should always extend your hours of service when you install such a dramatic change in what people need to do to send out their announcements. I sometimes need to be talked through how I should do something – this happened the last time CC made a major change and it happened this time when CC screwed up on those two announcements I noted above. When writing, CC techies seem not to understand my problem and their responses have been in left field; it is as if we are speaking two different languages. I never would have understood what I was told and walked through step by step on the phone had it come to me via an email.


4. Initial concerns – email lists organization

The email lists need to be on a separate page, the user needs to be able to organize their order, AND the email lists that drop down when one imports email addresses (with names attached to them) from one’s Contacts, need to be adjusted to be in the same order as are the email lists on the website, which, presumably, CC will once again let the client decide which order they should go in and be able to maneuver them just so.


I realize that you have now adjusted the lists to be in alphabetical order which is an improvement but is not how mine were organized. Through Friday I can be reached at 207.348.6669


Laughter is great medicine, and boy did I need it!

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Hi Jo-Ann,


I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.  I feel this would better be handled over the phone and have sent you an email regarding the best time to reach you at the number provided since it is past last Friday.  I am sorry for the delay and look forward to speaking with you. 

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My latest email did not reach all my contacts in the list.

I am sorry to hear this. What is the name of the email this happened in? Did any of the contacts show as bounce backs or did the email not send to some people?

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