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When manually updating a contact, the protocol is that each section of new information needs to be saved separately. This is a poor approach. On every other website on earth you only have to save once - the current CC protocol means that if you change a contact's title and then proceed to update her mailing address, your original work will be lost unless you save it immediately. The process is even more obviously flawed when you update an e-mail address: the placement of the save button suggests that you need to save immediately after updating the address. But that is not the case if you haven;t also updated the mailing lists, which come later.
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Hi Alan, 

Thanks for sharing this feedback, I can understand how it would be frustraing to save each field. Are you often updating existing contact information or is this only an occasional process? If you are frequently making updates it might be easier to put the information into a file before uploading. It would update the new fields for you during the import process. 

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