REsubscribe is waaaaaay to hard

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Please when we are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of emails the last thing we need is to struggle with re=subscribing a person that inadvertently unsubscribes themselves. Even though its their fault the customer does not see it that way! Whatever school you went to should have taught you that the "customer is ALWAYS right" and a little thing to you can cost US your customers thousands of dollars if we lose the wrong customer. Please may a simple email that we can send this type of customer and make so we can find it when we are working in the wee hours of the mornings trying to get a very important email out. We believe in no spamming BUT this is just too much to handle with all the other things we are fighting to get the word out they want.
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Hi @txcache we can understand how important it is to have the contacts in your account receive your campaigns. With that said, about our resubscribe process do you find difficult to use? These steps do trigger a Reconfirm Opt-in Email to your unsubscribed contact. What are the steps you're currently taking to resubscribe your contacts?

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