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your freedback screen is not working. I have to log out and back in to leave a comment. Is this a deterrent for leaving feedback?
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Hi Gail,

Can you give me a little more information about what isn't working? Since I am able to see this post it looks like your feedback did go through, did it take a couple of attempts? Is the overlay window not loading when you click the feedback button or something else?


We are using all feedback to help determine what changes and new features will be implemented so we want you to be able to post as frequently as you would like with your ideas!


Thanks for your help,


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in the old contact management system i could remove an email address and then later i could out it back in if my customer requested. NOW I CAN ONLY "UNSUBSCRIBE" the email address

Hi Janet,


I am sorry for the trouble you are having with this.  In the old system we had a "removed" folder which we currently do not use anymore.  If you delete a contact it is the same as the before feature of removing, this means you can always add the customer back without any issues. 

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